Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Extra Things I'm Packing To Travel During A Pandemic

Extra Things I'm Packing To Travel During A Pandemic HollieAnnBowe
As it stands, next weekend we'll be travelling abroad during a pandemic and truth be told, I'm just as nervous as I am excited. We originally planned on moving this trip to next June however, as Kos is still considered a safe island, we're still going.

Before our pre-holiday shop this weekend, I thought I'd run through some extra things I'm packing to make me feel as safe as can be and to give you some ideas in case you're heading anywhere soon;

Antibacterial hand wipes

I usually keep a pack of these in my carry-on anyway but I'm making sure to pack extra for this trip. They're so handy for wiping down tray tables, seats and any other things you might touch without realising. They're also compact enough that they won't take up room in your bag. 

Disinfectant wipes

It might sound over the top but given the current situation, I think it's necessary. We're going to pop a pack of household disinfectant wipes in our suitcase for wiping around the room in our hotel when we arrive and after it's been cleaning during the week. I fully trust that the staff at the hotel will do an excellent job but you never really know how often door handles and light switches etc are cleaned, even with a strict regime. 

Extra hand sanitiser

Just like antibacterial wipes, I always keep some in my carry on but this time I'm packing extra. I want to make sure we've got enough for whole time we're there without needing to rely on the airports/hotel. We usually take a bottle each when we go away so we'll perhaps just double it for this trip and maybe take one for good luck.

Different masks

Something I hadn't considered was how it would feel to wear a mask in high temperatures and though I've tested it on the Great British summer, it still isn't quite the same as the Greek sunshine I'm expecting. I've accumulated lots of different types of masks over the past few months so I'll be sure to pack a variety to make sure there's definitely one I'm comfortable with. So far I've got lots of the standard blue ones, a couple of those stretchy scuba type ones and also a few cotton ones which I think are my favourite so far. 

Credit cards

Normally we'd use a mixture of cash and card when we're travelling but this time around, I'm opting for credit card only. I don't want to be touching cash if I can help it so the easiest way to get around that is to not take any. Every where we've previously visited in Kos accepts card payments so I'm not worried and I'll take a back up just in case.


I hope this is helpful for anyone due travel over the coming weeks. It definitely feels odd to be taking such precautions but if we're travelling then I want to do it as safely as possible. Let me know if there's anything you'd add. 


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