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What I've Learnt From Our First Year Of Marriage

What I've Learnt From Our First Year Of Marriage HollieAnnBowe
We've been married twelve months now and not a day goes by where I think back to our wedding. Everything from the planning, the day, our celebration and everything that followed was an accumulation of so much love, fun and tailored to us as a couple.

It's now the time when are friends are planning their own weddings and it's so lovely to be able to share advice with them but the most common question we're asked is 'What's different about married life?' so I thought I'd round up what I've learnt so far.

We feel more of  team

It goes without saying that every couple work together but teamwork has taken on a whole new meaning since being married. We work as a team to do things for the greater good. We do things to make our lives together easier - It's not a competition of who's done more or who did it last time. It's a bond and something that has become second nature.

Every marriage is different

Something every newlywed couple need to remember. Navigating a new marriage will be different for everyone. It will depend on your circumstances beforehand, things you've had to change, your family, friends and culture along with a multitude of other factors. It's important to not compare yourself to another couple at any point but especially when it comes to a marriage. Every marriage is different and that's perfectly normal.

Planning for the future becomes more serious

My wife and I have always talked about the future, I mean we wouldn't have got engaged and married if we didn't. Nowadays however, our future planning has become more serious. We're discussing children, and moving to a more practical, rural home. We're planning for future jobs and promotions and just generally discussing what we want our life to look like in 10 years time.

Changing your name is a task in itself

This is more of a marriage admin lesson but boy, I didn't realise how hard it was to change your name. Of course, I completely understand why such processes are necessary but it doesn't take away from how painstakingly tiring it is. Truth be told, we haven't started doing ours yet but rest assured, I've followed all advice to make sure we're okay to do it ask and when.

Being married changes everything and nothing 

I think the biggest thing I've learnt from our first year of marriage is that it changes both everything and nothing. Getting married may just mean signing some documents and getting a nice certificate but the bond it creates between you and your partner is worlds away from what it was before.

If you're married I'd love to know what you learnt from your year as newlyweds.

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