Saturday, 13 June 2020

Why I'm Going Back To The Office

Why I'm Going Back To The Office

Three months ago when I said goodbye to my colleagues, packed up my essentials and drove home, I never thought that three months later, this is where I'd still be. I'd flung a couple of my notebooks into my bag, emptied the cold tea out of my mug and was excited about working from home for a few weeks until this all blew over. 

When that few weeks was up, reality set in that this was going to be our normal for a long while yet. Still, I along with everyone else, made the most of it. I enjoyed waking up that little bit later, being able to sit in the garden on my lunch break and relished in not having to choose what to wear but after a while, I knew that I couldn't do this forever.

Time has passed and the UKs lockdown restrictions have began to lift. Everyone is starting to navigate their new normal and with that has come my own desire to, in the safest way possible, get back into my routine. The one I've known for so long.

When my office first reopened, the discussions my colleagues and I were having were riddled with fear. Would our environment be safe? How well can things be controlled? Surely we can't all go back at once? But with time those questions have been answered and all I've thought about since is how much I can't wait to go back.

For me, it's not the social aspect that excites me. It's sitting at my own desk that I decorated so well. It's hearing a little bustle from the other side of the room when someone goes into the kitchen. It's the commute, that ten minutes everyday where I sing along to best of the 80s. It's coming home in the evening and telling my Wife about my day, sharing things that she doesn't already know. It's having some space. It's doing my job from the office, not my spare-come-laundry room. It's taking charge of how I feel and being good to myself.  I won't be able to sit near anyone or make them a coffee but I'll be in surroundings that feel familiar to me, motivate me and ensure that I can do a good job - Although I can do that from my house, I want to do it at the office.

Take care & stay safe.


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