Monday, 25 May 2020

4 Ways We're Getting Creative with Video Chats

4 Ways We're Getting Creative with Video Chats HollieAnnBowe
I think we can all agree that we've never used FaceTime, Houseparty or What'sApp video as much as we have in the past few months. It's quickly become the safest way to communicate with our friends and family but that's not to say it hasn't also become quite repetitive so with that in mind, here are 4 ways we're getting creative with video chats.

Make our own quiz

If you haven't been subjected to one too many quizzes, instead of pulling them off the internet, we've been making our own. Our friends and I have been trying to keep them interesting by choosing different rounds each week on anything from 90s Music to Food and Drink along with funny, more personal rounds like Most Likely To and Whose Story Was This?

Tried and tested rounds include;

Finish The Lyric - Self explanatory. Say or play a song and ask teams to finish the lyric.
Guess That Movie - Guess the film title from the plot, main actors or notable references.
Most Likely To - Choose who out of your friends is most likely to do something.
Where's This Landmark - Show pictures of landmarks to your pals for them to guess their location.
Whose Story Was This - Match the funny anecdotes with members of your chat.
Anagrams - Again self explanatory. We've made them from anything from cocktails to sex positions.

Wine tasting

Such a good idea and one we're going to try next week is video wine tasting. Our friends and I are all going to pick up the same few bottles of wine with our weekly shop and spend a nice evening tasting them and catching up. Granted our Wine Tasting Guide Book probably won't last long but it's a fun idea and one I'm excited to try. 

Dinner party

Similar to wine tasting we've been toying with the idea of having a dinner party over video chat one eve. Now the idea of chowing down with a camera in my face doesn't exactly excite me but it'd be fun to try a new recipe with our friends and taste it together.

Film or book club

One of our gal pals has been trying this out with her co-workers and I think it's such a lovely idea. It's exactly the same as how a book or film club would work in person, just this way it's online instead. Being totally honest, it takes me forever to finish a book so I'd probably opt for just the film club but still, such a great way to catch up.

I hope you're finding a way to get creative with how you catch up with people in such difficult times. If you're in need of some ideas, hopefully these help you out. Stay safe.

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