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Wedding Chat: What Would I Do Differently?

Wedding Chat: What Would I Do Differently? HollieAnnBowe
I always thought I'd be the bride who wouldn't change anything about her wedding and to a certain extent, I was right. When I'd spent six months planning, hired the perfect vendors and had everything go the way we envisioned, I questioned whether I should even write this post. However, after speaking with a few of my friends who've also tied the knot recently, it seems no matter how meticulously your wedding day is planned and how smooth it goes, there will always be something you'd do different, myself included. People always assume that we'd regret eloping but actually, that's the part we wouldn't change for anything. Here are the bits I'd actually do differently;

Have a second photo location

We got married on El Dorado Dry Lake and though the photos were everything we wanted, I always loved wedding photos shot in Downtown Las Vegas. We did try and make this happen but it was a logistical nightmare as Downtown and the dry lake are on two opposite ends of the city. I would have liked to make it work but it just wasn't feasible.

More suitable footwear

Like any good bride, I'd made sure to break my shoes in the weeks leading up to our wedding. What I didn't do was plan for the terrain on the lake bed. I expected it to be flat but my god, it was bumpy as ever - Think cobblestones kind of bumpy. Fortunately I'd taken a pair of sandals with me but they were supposed to be in case of emergency, not for half of our photos.

A different reception dress

For the record, I absolutely loved my reception dress. It was a beautiful chiffon, emerald green maxi dress however, I stood on it more times than I'd care to count and at one point, almost choked on the halter neck because I'd pulled it so much. It sounds dramatic and honestly, it really was - I probably should have worn the dress I got married in  which was also chiffon but shorter, or just opted for a different dress all together. It also showed every spillage possible which, after a couple of glasses of fizz, was quite a few.

Writing on our thank you cards

We of course sent thank you cards to everyone who gave us wedding presents but we didn't write  a message on each one which still haunts me to this day. I'm not even sure why - My wife tells me it's because we were rushing to get them out but surely that can't be right. I made sure to keep a list of what we were given so that I could write everyone an individual thank you but for one reason or another we didn't and it annoys me greatly.

It goes without saying that these things are so minor that they don't make me think negatively about our wedding at all. I'd love to know what you'd do different if you were to have your wedding all over again?


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