Thursday, 9 April 2020

10 Things I'll Be Doing This Weekend

10 Things I'll Be Doing This Weekend HollieAnnBowe
The weather is on track to be glorious and my fridge is fully stocked with rosé. It's not quite the weekend in Paris that we planned but here's a round up of the things we'll be doing this weekend instead.

Drinking coffee in the garden

Every weekend I say I'd like to drink our morning coffee outside and it's always too cold. This weekend is set to be warm and sunny so I'll be taking advantage and getting outside as soon as I wake up.

FaceTime quiz with friends

This has become a bi-weekly occurrence to be honest. We usually catch up on a Wednesday and Friday but we're going to do it this evening instead because, you know, it's essentially Friday. There will be many a wine, many a laugh and probably a sore head or two tomorow. 

Re-potting my seedlings

I potted some seeds in an egg carton a few weeks ago and I can't believe how much they've grown. They're outgrowing the carton already so I need to source a plant pot from our garage and take them outside - I just hope it's not too early in the year. 

Enjoying a glass of wine

We should have been in Paris this weekend enjoying wine in the sun but instead, we'll make do with our garden.

Delivering Easter gifts

I was supposed to do this tomorrow but seeing as I did our food shop yesterday, I actually did it on the way home. We'd bought some Easter treats for our friends and their children a couple of weeks back but I picked up a few extra goodies on my shop yesterday and popped them in gift bags to leave on their doorsteps. Just a little something to brighten their week.

Eating hot cross buns

I always forget to buy hot cross buns but our friends had included some in the lovely Easter bag pictured above. Can't wait to one or two with my coffee in the garden tomorrow morning. 

Spring cleaning

Even though it's given nice weather and I want to spend a lot of time outside, I also need to get around to giving the house a clean. With there now being two of us in the house, all day every day, we just need to give everywhere a once over.  

Sorting out my wardrobe

I've been trying to do this bit by bit but I'm definitely going to finish it this weekend. I regularly go through my wardrobe when a charity bag comes through the door but since I've bought a few new pieces recently, it's about the right time to have a proper clear out. 

Watching 'The Crown'

I can't believe we've not watched The Crown until this week. Truthfully it's been on my list for so long but we've never gotten round to it. No time like the present to get stuck into a series, right? 

Tucking in to an Easter egg

What's Easter weekend without an Easter egg.

What're you up to this weekend? Have you changed plans or is it a normal weekend at home for you? 


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