Tuesday, 14 January 2020

How To Use January As Your Motivation

How This January Can Be Your Biggest Motivation HollieAnnBowe
This January is as good a time as ever to get motivated. Despite the negativity that so often comes with this month, why not treat the start of a new year and a new decade as a fresh start? I'm not talking about 'new year new me' because trust me, you are already great, I'm talking about using the 366 days you've been given in 2020 to do whatever you want with. Here's how I’m using January to my advantage.


In the past, I've never been one to set goals but when thinking about the things I wanted to achieve in 2020, I knew it’s what I needed to do. On New Year’s Day I wrote my goals for the year in my planner - Of course, some of them are easily achieved than others but giving myself the challenge is motivating in itself. By setting goals so early on, I’m giving myself the maximum amount of time to work on them and mapping out the steps I need to take to reach them. Whether your goals are career driven, travel oriented or centered on your relationships, setting some now will get your 2020 off to a great start.


Of course this is subjective but getting organised at the start of a new year is a great way of keeping that organisation up not just for the year ahead but for the rest of your future too. For me, getting organised meant getting a planner which sounds trivial but I always have to-do lists, reminders and everything in between stored everywhere from my phone to my office calendar to a desk calendar AND a notebook. This year, everything is going in one place and then I can see exactly what I need to do and when along with my plans for the year all in one place. My gorgeous planner from The Inspired Stories also has plenty of space to reflect on the weeks and months as they go by and space to set the goals I mentioned above.


Since it's January, why not have a little refresh to spark inspiration and get you motivated again? It can be anything from changing up your morning routine, donating unwanted clothes or bits & bobs to charity or even  just trying some new recipes. We can all become creatures of habit but having a shake up every now and then is healthy.


Above everything, why not use the start of a new year and a new decade to give yourself a fresh start. Let go of any negatives from last year and allow yourself to be happy and let it continue not just for this year but for all of the years to come. Treat yourself to a clean slate, take care of your mind and wake up each day ready to go out and get what you want. You deserve it. 

2020 can be anything you want it to be. Use January to your advantage, get motivated and get started. You can do it.



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