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How I Got A Promotion And How You Can Too

How I Got A Promotion And How You Can Too
This past week I was lucky enough to get a promotion in work. I use the word 'lucky' lightly because as much as people thought this happened overnight, I had in fact been working towards this promotion since I went to Charleston back in October 2018.

I'm a firm believer that anything worth having doesn't come without hard work and so I was really eager to share the steps I took to get to this promotion, tips for interviewing and how you can apply that to your own work because, we didn't come this far to only come this far. There's always room to improve and progress and here's how I did it.

Say yes to challanges

As I mentioned, I knew over 12 months ago that I wanted to apply for this position when it arose, so I started putting in the leg work back them. When the opportunity to go to Charleston came up, I was terrified and had no idea what I'd be letting myself in for but I knew that in the long run, if I was to apply for the job, it would go in my favour.

Whenever there was a challenge internally or externally, I was the one always saying yes and taking it on board because I knew that when the time finally came, I'd have so many experiences to talk about. I absorbed as much knowledge as I could about what was happening in and around the business and used that to my advantage and I was constantly listening to the business needs so that I knew where I'd fit among it. 

Your past experience

It goes without saying that what you've done in the past can sometimes act as a measure of how you'll perform in future but sometimes, you need to think outside the box. Don't stop at telling someone what you've done. Tell them what have you done exceptionally well and how you did it. When have you used your initiative and did it pay off? What have you tried that didn't work and how did you improve? Once you have your experiences mapped out, you need to give these examples in a way that's relevant and thorough. 

You've may or may not have heard it before but a lot of interviewers use the STAR method, so why don't you use it in your prep to be one step ahead and give the best answers possible? Situation, Task, Action Result - What was the situation, what did you need to achieve, how did you do it and what was the result. It seems like a lot of additional work but I promise, it'll give a well rounded account of your experience whilst being thorough and in-depth. 

Getting experience

If you don't have any experience but it's imperative to you landing the job then think of how you can gain it beforehand. Find a person who's already doing the job well and work for them. Ask what you can do for them and offer your time in exchange for them teaching you. Can you shadow them? Will they let you take on some tasks that maybe they're too busy for? However you can work with them, do it because even if you don't have the experience on paper, you can at least talk about what you know you'll be doing as part of your role.

What you're willing to learn

So, if like me, you don't have experience of doing the job you're going for, talk about what you're willing to learn. If you can tell someone that you know what you'll be doing and how you plan to do it when in the role, it not only shows that you're proactive and that  you have willingness to take on the challenge but it also shows that you're thinking like someone who already has the job. I talked a lot in my interview about tasks I hadn't done but, if I was successful, how I would go about achieving them. 

What can you bring to the team?

A question that used to trip me up was 'What can you bring to the team?'. It's easy to respond saying how kind, funny and positive you are but that's also the answer every other candidate is giving - So go deeper. Give a summary of how many years experience you've had and what you've done within that time. What attributes do you have that would be useful for the job and what skills can you bring to the table that are more than just 'punctual'. More than that, what are your thoughts or ideas of how to better the job you'll be doing - Tell them your plans and get them excited about having you on board.

Of course, all businesses and situations are different but I hope that this will help or inspire you in some way if you're looking for a new role or looking to get a promotion in the job you're already doing. What tips do you have?


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