Sunday, 6 October 2019

We've Grown Up

We've Grown Up ItsHollieAnn
On Friday evening my girlfriends and I headed out for dinner to catch up. Three of us shared a bottle of wine as we cooed over our Mrs and Mum-to-be friend, who excitedly shared her plans for the future. We moved on after dessert and opted for a quiet and cozy pub where we put the world to rights on everything from our corporate jobs to breastfeeding.  

It wasn't until we were about to call it an evening, around 10.15pm, that it dawned on us. Life has changed. 

Now I, for one, get more excited about getting my full 8 hours than the thought of going to a club (hello that's a given) but I think this was really the epitomising moment where we all realised how far we've come and how lucky we are to have each other to see us through the next chapter of our lives.

We're all at different stages whether it be three months into marriage, interviewing for a promotion at work, being a brilliant mum to a toddler or about to bring a new baby into the world whilst planning a wedding and, just for a moment, it was funny to see us all have that little flashback.

The flashback to 5 years prior when Dan was about to start university. When Em was terrified of being 'the friend with a baby' and forever wondering whether she was too young to do so. Nia had just moved home after a summer being a single girl in Newquay and I was 10 months into a new relationship wondering if my girlfriend, now wife, would get sick of me. 

I think the most important thing I took away from Friday night, after cementing our amazing friendships, was that we're all exactly where we want to be. We're not wishing for our youth back or racing to the next milestone. We're all happy, content and so looking forward to the future.

As I type, I've just closed my ASOS tab remembering I have a baby shower gift to shop for.

I guess that's me, all grown up.

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