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Wedding Chat: Are We Changing Our Names?

Wedding Chat Are We Changing Our Names? ItsHollieAnn
Changing my name wasn't something I'd never given much thought to. I assumed you got engaged, started planning a wedding and decided on what you wanted your new name to be between the two of you, in your engagement bubble

Whilst that was certainly the path my fiancee and I took, it would seem there's a lot of discussion surrounding the topic of name changes with everyone giving their two cents on what's right and wrong. 

What I've come to learn, according to the internet, is that women choosing to take their partners name must then certainly be anti-feminist and must agree to be their partners possession for as long as they both shall live. Equally, or not as the case may be, women choosing not to take their partners name signifies that they aren't actually committed to the marriage and that said partner should reconsider their motives. Double-barreling is most certainly a cop out only to be used by those of the same sex or those who can't agree. Choosing a new name entirely is 'Ridiculous'. 

And this is why you don't believe everything the internet tells you.

Having the freedom to choose your own names is huge.Taking your partners name is not a crime and absolutely does not make you anti-feminist. Wishing to keep a name that you feel is part of your identity doesn't make you any less committed to your new spouse. It goes without saying that double-barreling isn't 'Just taking the easy option' and choosing a new name entirely is completely, and I mean completely, up to you. 

Of course, like anything, everyone's beliefs are different but between my fiancee and I, we didn't wish to keep our own names. This meant, if I had wanted to take hers or vise versa, one of us would have had to. And there you have it, we're double-barreling our names.

My fiancee and I knew what our new names would be as soon as we got engaged. We'd always jokingly referred to our house as 'The *-* Residence' and our cats have been registered under our married names unintentionally since long before marriage was even on the table. 

I debated whether to address this on my blog but the more I searched the internet and spoke to friends, the more I realised there were so many misconceptions and assumptions that came with the topic of changing or not changing your name after marriage. 

I can't believe that in 2019 this is still something people are throwing shade on. As I mentioned, having the freedom to choose your own name is huge. Take advantage and be whoever you and your new spouse want to be.


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