Monday, 6 May 2019

Wedding Chat: Things Are Coming Together

Wedding Chat Things Are Coming Together
It's just over six weeks until our wedding day and I can't believe I'm saying this but everything is coming together, finally. 

When we first started planning we set big things in stone pretty quickly including our planner and photographer along with our outfits and cake. Luckily that meant that we could relax for a little while before getting down to finer details like choosing our wedding bands, printing our invitations and starting to think about songs for our DJ.

With not long to go, were now at a point where we're organising even finer details - It feels like I'm constantly adding things to my to-do list but I know that in the end, everything will come together just fine.

Since I last updated you my fiancee exchanged her wedding ring and I have my engagement ring back - Finally it fits perfectly. In terms of decor for our venue, we've sourced some wooden logs to go in the center of our tables and ordered a few decorations from Ginger Ray to tie the venue together. We're meeting with the event co-coordinator at our venue in a couple of weeks to go over final details for the night including food and drink choices along with the general timeline of the evening. 

We've taken care of our licence pre-application to make things quicker in Vegas and also arranged some non-wedding bits like our transport to the airport and my fiancee's ESTA and passport. 

I've yet to collect all our RSVPs but with only twelve outstanding, I think that's pretty good going. We still need to take our clothes to be tailored but I'm assured it'll only take a week so I'm leaving it for until almost last minute in a bid to shift a few pounds! Oh, I also forgot to mention that I managed to find THAT Aldo bag after months of searching what felt like the whole internet - I probably won't use it on our wedding day but as for the week leading up to it and potentially our hen party, it's a yes!

Speaking of which, our friends are organising our joint hen party so I'm just waiting to know where to be, when and what I should wear - I'm so happy that it's something that we don't have to worry about, we just need to turn up for a day of drinks and laughter. 

Lastly, I think all we're waiting on is our wedding timeline which our planner has assured me will be with us in just over a week. 

I think that's about all I have to update you on at the moment though to me, it feels like far more. It's the small things I'm ticking off that are making me the most satisfied - Let me know if it's normal to breathe a sigh of relief to not have to think about straws ha!

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