Monday, 20 May 2019

Why I Overhauled My Social Media

Why I Overhauled My Social Media
Never before has social media played such a significant role in our lives. For most of us, it's the first thing we look at when we wake up and the last thing we check up on before we go to sleep. It's how we remember our friends birthdays, keep up to date with distant relatives and on the rare occasion, see how many children acquaintances from your high school have birthed. I'm guilty for that myself. 

Of course, there's the flip-side. The millions of creators who now have a platform to share their work, it's an income for some and let's not forget the messages that can spread far and wide faster than you can upload an Instagram story. 

Regardless of which end of the spectrum you find yourself, one thing remains the same. With the amount of time we spend on social media increasing, so my Screen Time tells me, it's only fair that we consume and create content that has a positive effect on our minds. In the interest of making my social media outlets a better place, here's how I gave them an overhaul. 


I’ve spoken about this before in some capacity but removing the negativity from my social media was the first step in my process. I removed people and pages I follow based not only negative content, but content that made me feel irritated or uninspired. Of course, I’m not naive. I know that there will always be a news story that bothers me or a photo I’m not fond of but I’m talking about the accounts I was willing to follow though every time I saw a post, I’d think ‘Not this again’. I started with Twitter then Instagram, right through to my personal Facebook and Bloglovin’. Trust me, I feel better for it.


I’ve never been one to have a structure with my social media, or my blog for that matter. I tried so hard to embrace the ‘Just post what you want’ mentality but I realised that for me, structure is what I need for my mind to work best. I started with Pinterest. I’ve always loved the idea of pinning what I love along with ideas and inspiration but it always felt like it was a bit of a mess drove me crazy whenever I opened the app. After spending what felt like hours taking inspiration from others and planning on paper, I finally knew how I wanted it to look. Dedicated boards, each split into sections. Multiple boards for one topic, some just for inspiration. I also finally wanted to be able to put my own content out there and have it fit within this new structure. 


I use the term planning content loosely because, like forming a structure, it’s never been something I’ve taken to. In the world of ItsHollieAnn, planning content means ‘Having a vague idea of what you want to post’. I started with my blog and decided, roughly of course, what kind of order I’d share posts in. I didn’t want to be left with four travel posts, one beauty then two more travel posts and one wedding post. Whilst that would be completely fine, for me, it doesn’t work. I like an even spread. I’ve also started making conscious effort to plan for all posts to be sharable whether it’s on Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my blog and online presence and it's easy from the outside for others to say it isn't a job so it doesn't need attention but that's for me to decide?

I’m all too aware that this isn’t brand new information but I wanted to stress that if you’re feeling overwhelmed by social media, whether you're a creator or consumer, you can change it and make it whatever you want to be.

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