Monday, 22 April 2019

How I'm Making More Time For Myself

Making More Time For Myself -
So far, 2019 has been a somewhat crazy year. Between planning a wedding, attending birthdays, fitting in time with the girls and remembering that I do actually need to wash my hair, it feels like my mind is racing 24/7. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful to have a lot going on. I'm excited to see our wedding plans coming together, I'm loving the new found time my friends and I have to catch up and it's great to be there to celebrate milestones in other peoples lives but lately, I've been finding ways to slow down, collect my thoughts and take some time for myself. Here's how. 

Putting down my phone

Cliche? Perhaps. Necessary? Absolutely. I've been making a conscious effort to put my phone down of an evening and when I get into bed. It's not just that I sleep better when I do but more so because I end up seeing something on Instagram, which I then Google. Which leads me to another thing and then another and before I know it, my mind is racing again. I don't need the extra mental stimulation of an evening. Less phone, less thoughts. Winner.  

Making lists

It goes without saying that getting the endless streams of things to remember down, all into one place is brilliant. I have lists upon lists and I don't even mind. Food shopping, wedding to-do's, things to watch, things to buy. You name it, I have a list for it. It may seem less productive to have 5 lists but it works for me, you do what works for you.

Heading to bed early

I always feel better when I manage to lie in bed for a little while before falling asleep so I've been trying my hardest to say no to another episode in favour of having a moment of quiet before sleep. 

Asking for help

I'm the first to admit I'm guilty for wanting to deal with everything on my own and not worry anyone else. I often struggle to delegate things in favour of wanting to do it myself so I've been trying my very to best to utlilise my amazing friends and fiancee to help with what's on my mind. Whether it's an opinion, advice or running an errand, my friends and partner have been on hand just I would be for them. 

Clearing my calendar

Not as drastic as it sounds but I've really been making an effort to only say yes to things I absolutely want to do or finding ways to still do the things we've planned but make time for ourselves at the same time. In short, we've  basically just slashed the number of days we'd spend on the sofa after too many proseccos in favour of driving to bars and heading home at a sensible hour. I'm sure we'll be back to cocktails at 2am when things calm down but right now, I'm all about getting home with enough time for a cup of tea before bed. 

Now more than ever I've realised how important it is to really take care of you and how it's okay to admit that sometimes, things can be overwhelming. I'd love to know the ways you make time for yourself and any tips you'd recommend.


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