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Wedding Chat: What To Consider When Marrying Abroad

6 Questions To Ask When Deciding To Get Married Abroad
When the time came to start planning our wedding, we already knew that we wanted to get married abroad. Despite being engaged for a little under two months, we've always talked about planning a destination wedding and knew exactly where we'd have it. As much as planning a destination wedding has been fun, I wanted to run you through 6 questions it's good to ask yourself when planning our own wedding abroad.

Choosing your destination

First and foremost, as a couple, you need to ask yourself where you want to get married. Do you want a destination that you both know and love, or somewhere new and unknown? If you're inviting guests, it is a destination that can cater for their needs ie. Older relatives or those with children? And, most importantly, what is the cost and are you able to plan from where you live?

We've had our hearts set on getting married in our chosen destination for quite some time so when it came a time to start planning, all that was left to do was choose the right venue. I searched Instagram and Pinterest looking for the perfect place and it was only after I came across our photographer that we found the perfect spot.

Visiting your venue

It isn't always best practice to book a wedding venue without seeing it but when planning a wedding abroad, visiting the place you want to get married isn't always an option. For us, it isn't really necessary to visit our venue beforehand but with regards to hotels, certainly if you've never visited before, it would be an absolute bonus to see it first, to check everything is as you'd like it.

Your guests

It goes without saying that when choosing to get married abroad, you have to be prepared for people that can't make it. The majority of the time it may be down to financial or work commitments and so there may be a few people that can't attend. If you're intending to invite lots of friends and family, I'd suggest setting a date far enough in advance so that your nearest and dearest can plan ahead. 

With regards to our wedding, having guests at our ceremony isn’t something we ever considered. We always knew that we wanted to get married alone and celebrate with friends and family when we return home.

Hiring a planner

It's worth asking yourself if it's worth your time and money to hire a wedding planner to assist you. It's not for everyone but in our experience, with being in a different time zone, it's been an absolute godsend to have a wedding planner as part of our team. She's coordinating everything from officiants to transport, flowers and logistics - Things that would likely have me tearing my hair out, trying to organise from thousands of miles away. 

Choosing vendors

This can be tricky but trust me, it's worth doing your research. I was lucky enough to find our photographer on Instagram who then put us in touch with a wedding planner but it's worth considering if you'll need to source vendors yourself, or whether this is something your chosen venue or wedding planner can help with. Think flowers, caterers, photographers, officiants, DJs. Everything. 

Legal requirements

Last but by absolutely no means least, it's important to gather information on the legal requirements of getting married in your chosen country. A quick search on will bring up everything you need to marry  in different countries around the world and it's always worth checking local government websites too just in case there's anything else they suggest. The majority of countries will look for a passport with six months remaining, a birth certificate or other form of ID, local licences and sometimes, complete days spent in the country or resort before marrying. 

Are you thinking or marrying abroad or have you done it in the past? I'd love to hear your thoughts and any tips you can recommend.


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