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Wedding Chat: Why We're Planning To Elope

Why We're Planning To Elope - ItsHollieAnn
Marriage is between two people. Whether you're planning your big day, if it's not on the cards yet or if you just wanted a little insight, I wanted to share our experience with planning to elope. 

I feel like you only need to utter the word 'elope' and everyone around you gasps in horror - That was my experience anyway. Everytime the word left my mouth, I was met with an expression of shock, disbelief and sometimes, pity. 

I'd never dreamed of the big white wedding and truthfully I'd never even dreamed of an engagement. This is why, when the subject of marriage came up between my partner and I, we both knew exactly what we wanted. To elope. 

Rather than dreaming of floral arrangements, songs we'd walk down the aisle to and the font we'd choose for place settings, we dreamed of heading somewhere far away, not telling a soul and spending the day as we intend to spend the rest of our lives, together.

Though we didn't originally plan on sharing our plans to elope, when the subject came up with my girlfriends following our engagement, I couldn't believe the responses I was met with. "But what about bridesmaids?", "What about a cake?" and "What will your parents say?" were among the first questions that sprung from them - Not one of which actually effected us but instead, our guests to-be.

In that very moment, they'd cemented what we'd been thinking all along. My partner and I want to be married but what we don't want is a wedding. Following our engagement on New Years Eve, despite my girlfriends concerns, we set out planning just that - To tie the knot during a trip we're taking in June. Of course, we want to celebrate with our friends and family when we're home but in a much more 'us' kind of way which is essentially more prosecco, less obligatory invites and thank heavens, no white dress. 

I completely appreciate that eloping is not for everyone and you might be reading these words not agreeing with a single one and that's okay, because you don't have to. Marriages are about two people and weddings can be too. Whether you want a traditional wedding, festival wedding, small wedding, big wedding, whatever your heart desires, as long as you and your partner are happy that's all that matters. 

And in case you're wondering, our friends came around after two glasses of wine and our parents were overjoyed that despite us wanting to get married alone, we want to celebrate  the second when we get home. 

I'd love to hear yours and your partners wedding stories.


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