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5 Apps I Use For Organisation

5 Apps For Planning & A Phone Case From Maison de Sabré
2019 is already a hectic year. First and foremost, with the help of the lovely Angelica, I'm organising an overseas wedding. Next, I'm putting together a wedding reception for when we're home, a dreamy honeymoon and of course, the original trip that sparked it all. Since my partner isn't quite as Type A as me, it means I am tasked with planning it all. Who am I kidding? I love it.

As much as I wish I was an on-paper planner, it's just not for me. I end up with endless lists spread across several notebooks to a point where I'm tearing my house apart trying to find flight details that I know I wrote on a post-it three weeks prior. Or did I?

My iPhone has always been the center of almost all of my plans and is my most worn accessory after my beloved Rockie. Everything from boarding passes, concert tickets, itineraries and to-do lists are all stored on my phone. 

Though the worlds population is trying limit their screen time, after Maison de Sabré sent me this gorgeous monogrammed phone case* in all it's real-leather glory, it reminded me that utilising my phone is nothing to be ashamed of. In light of that, here's a run-through of apps I use most to plan out my life and why they're so useful to me. 

Buffer & UMUN 

First up and two of my most used apps are Buffer and UMUN. Buffer is my go to for scheduling tweets about my latest blog posts - I'd say I fill this on a weekly basis, usually on a Sunday afternoon. UMUN is my go-to for planning Instagram posts. I don't tend to use this ahead of time like Buffer, it's more so for when I'm about to post and want to check a photo works well with my feed.


Self explanatory but I literally put every life event into my calendar. Appointments, social outings, hotel reservations, itineraries if I'm travelling - The lot. It helps me to see my day in a view I can process and see where there are gaps to schedule other events or when days are completely blocked out.


Recently, I've seen Instagram in a whole new light. I'm using it to find everything from wedding suppliers to breakfast spots in my local town right through to new bands, places I want to visit and home inspiration. I'm loving my new found use for it, especially after developing a love/hate relationship with it. Their save feature is my new jam and is catagorised into things like 'To-Try/To-Buy', 'Photo Inspiration' and 'Destinations'.

Google Drive

So I'm slightly cheating with this one. I use Google Drive practically everyday but within it I utilise four main things for planning and organising. Sheets for my monthly budget as well as trip and wedding planning - I've never loved a spreadsheet as much as my wedding planning sheet. When I'm travelling, I always use Maps to pin eateries, drinking spots and things to do which I also use for blog posts when I arrive home. I use Photos to organise my pictures into albums and have it auto-syncing with my iPhone whenever I'm connected to wi-fi and finally I use Docs for when I need to write out blog posts or make lists on the go. It's easily my most used app and I'd be 100% lost without it. 

Wallet A bonus sixth app but easily another go-to. I have my bank linked to Wallet for when I'm out and about in case I don't have, or don't want to reach for, my purse. I organise mobile tickets whether it's for concerts or boarding passes and along with that, hotel reservations. That way, everything is in one place. 

I'd love to know whether your phone is your most used accessory or whether you're trying to limit screen time and any apps you might use to help you plan or organise your life more easily!

Products marked with an * are PR samples.


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