Wednesday, 18 July 2018

A Little Catch Up & Reflection

A Little Reflection & Catch Up
I'm not one for catch up/life update posts. I love reading them from fellow bloggers but when referring to myself, I've always wondered if they're something I really need to write. I actually have a draft sitting on my dashboard titled 'Should I Be Writing Catch Up Posts?' - Two weeks ago I would have shrugged and said 'Probably not' but when I had the sudden urge to write today, it seemed like a good place to start. 

So what've I been up to? In short, not a whole lot. 

It's been about three weeks since my last post and whilst I was super happy with it, it kind of left me in a bit of a flump. I was somewhere between working on my NVQ and holiday mode and though throughout that phase I'd planned on writing a few travel bits before I went away, I just felt bored by the idea. 

Stay with me. 

I love travel content, both creating and consuming, but there are so many posts out there talking about what to take in a carry on or airport routines etc that I just couldn't help but think how shit my version would be. Now, I'm in no way putting myself down but listing how I check in, ransack duty free and grab an obligatory airport pint, doesn't exactly make for great reading and I'm kind of at a stage where I want my content to be entertaining and useful, not just punched out because of an occasion/event. I feel similarly about posting my own Christmas content - Whilst I love reading through other bloggers Christmas dinner prep, I don't want to feel obliged to share my version containing an unhelpful tutorial on how to wrap presents, drink prosecco and let someone else do the cooking. You feel me? 

In terms of what is actually new, on Monday my other half and I returned from the Las Vegas trip I booked for her birthday. It was bloody fantastic and so unlike the two trips we'd taken there previously. We spent the week relaxing, drinking cocktails and eating some amazing food. We dabbled in a little gambling, hit the jackpot and fulfilled our Vegas dreams of hanging out in a  cabana all day. The week went fast and slow all at once and though I'm sad to be home, I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine.

On Monday I posted a photo on Instagram and the caption was something I've been wanting to mention for some time. I touched on how people comment that we visit Las Vegas so often however when someone revisits the same beach destination - Like my parents with Cyprus - No one bats and eyelid.. Very annoying and I can't understand the mentality of caring what other people are doing. I don't think it helps that Las Vegas has such a stigma attached to it but it's the kind of thing where just because it's not your thing, don't judge me or anyone else for liking it.

Moving on, I'm heading back to work tomorrow after basically two weeks off and I'm so excited to see my pals and catch up on what I've missed. Today I've got one more load of washing to do before heading into town to bank the dollars I managed to change back. Later on I'm heading out for food and a couple of drinks with a good friend but before that, I plan on updating my Las Vegas post with my recommendations from this trip - If that's your thing, make sure you take a look.

See, I envisioned this post being longer but really, that's all I had to fill you in on. How do you feel about catch up posts? Should they be long, short or just whatever floats the writers boat? I'm so torn.


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