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Styling Short Hair with L'Oreal Stylista

Styling Short Hair with L'Oreal Stylista HollieAnnBowe
Believe it or not, I'm a hair care junkie. I've been around the aisles more times than I'd care to count, trying to find the best - and sometimes worst - products to tame my locks. I'd nailed a pretty good combination of shampoos and serums until very recently when I tried something new to me, the blunt bob. 

Whilst I've kept my shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo staples the same, after the first chop, I ran into a bit of difficulty styling my new do. My hair sways more towards the straight and fine end of the spectrum so creating volume and texture was something I struggled with. The L'Oreal Fibrology Air range that I've used since January gave me a great head start but ultimately my dreams of creating that messy 'I woke up like this' look seemed a little hazy.

I rummaged through my hair drawer pulling everything that claimed it added 'texture', 'grip' and 'volume' but no matter what I tried, every product left my hair feeling pretty rank and like it needed washing the next day which, hello, I'm not a fan of. Naturally, L'Oreal's latest styling range had started cropping in both vlogs and on Instagram so, being the L'Oreal lover I am, I decided to give it a go.

The first product I test drove was The Big Hair Hairspray. I've always been a huge fan of light yet strong hairspray, especially ones with flexible hold, so this sounded right up my street. I'm happy to confirm that not only does it smell delightful but it does a bloody magnificent job of holding my hair while still giving me the chance to run my fingers through it if I need to. Up to now, I've not had any problems restyling the next day and if anything, it adds just enough texture to almost rework what you've done prior - Something I've always found incredibly helpful. After using it for over a month, it's undeniably a product I wouldn't be without, so much so that I actually fancy purchasing 20 cans to last me through the foreseeable future.

Since my #hairgoals mostly consisted of volumised beach waves, the second product I reached for was The Beach Wave Mist. I have to say, this is one of the finest salt sprays I've tried which basically means it doesn't leave your hair feeling gritty and horrid. It does, however, mean that you need to use just that little bit extra to achieve that really tousled beach look but that's a small price to pay so I'm all about it. 

According to the internet - though not always a reliable source - I found that the perfect way to get that 'I just rolled out of bed' look was to use some form of styling clay or putty. Since the one at the back of my hair drawer had well and truly dried up, I opted for The Pixie Cream which is a short hair styling wax. My hair probably isn't the desired length for a product like this but it comes in surprisingly useful for just picking out sections to give that extra 'I didn't brush my hair today' oomph. It's worth noting that I don't use this whilst my hair is straight because frankly it doesn't do an awful lot but with nice waved style, it adds the perfect finishing touch.

The most recent addition to my stash and one that I know I'll use a lot whilst I'm away is The Braid Milk. I was skeptical about this product at first after it claimed to 'Create grip' for none slip braids - I thought that was just a fancy way of saying it was going to make my hair  awfully sticky but, plot twist, that's definitely not the case. I'm not sure how it does it but this deliciously coconut scented cream some how just gives your hair a little.. something. It isn't sticky but smooths any stray hairs whilst still allowing a comb to run through with ease. It's going to be brilliant for my hair over the summer since braiding it is currently near impossible and though I initially thought it could be a little gimmicky, actually seems to work.

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After initially thinking cutting my hair was a huge mistake despite the lesser hair admin appeal, I'm now so happy that these products have made the whole job that little bit easier. Potentially, if my hair had a natural wave and lift it wouldn't be so challenging but having fine, straight hair really does suck when it comes to wanting that Kardashian like bob. 

I'd love to know your thoughts on these products if you've tried them and what your favourite hair styling products are!



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