Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Let's Talk About Road Safety

Speaking Of Road Safety..
*This post was written in collaboration with Iverson Tyres Ltd . All words are my own.

Road safety is important for everyone. From the second you get behind the wheel, you are taking responsibility for yourselves, others in the car and everyone else on the road. 

For me, road safety is very close to home. Not only am I a relatively new driver and still ridiculously conscious of my driving behaviour but also both my Dad and partner have been involved in serious car accidents in the last 10 years, both with different causes. 

After seeing first hand how unsafe driving has impacted the lives of not only my Dad and partner but the families, friends and other individuals involved, with the help of Iverson Tyres Ltd, today I have four things to address.

Using Mobile Phones Why do people use their phone while driving? Surely the fact that it's illegal to do so is enough to tell you, you shouldn't be doing it. I can see how it's tempting to answer a quick call or change a song but the latest trend of Snapchatting while driving really gets under my skin. There's absolutely no way that while texting your other half, best mate or taking mindless videos, that you're concentrating on the road. It only takes a second for things to change. 

Speed Limits Speed limits are for everyone. I will always remember driving to Nottingham with a guy I was dating. We got to a stretch of bypass and there was a bunch of cars driving in the left lane all quite close. He pulled out to get around them and soon enough was easily 20mph over the speed limit. I pleaded him to slow down in case someone else pulled out - He didn't but they did and within seconds we were screeching to a halt with everyone behind having to do the same. I got him to pull over and got out of the car. Not only was I incredibly frustrated that he'd been so stupid, I was mortified that he'd done it with me in the car especially after asking him to slow down - For me, it was a deal breaker. 

Tyres I will be the first person to hold my hands up and say I don't check my tyres enough. I don't look at the tread at all and have no idea what the tyre pressure should be though I am trying to do my bit to learn - Mostly by keeping everything written on a sticky note in my glove box. It's so important to keep them well maintained to prevent hydroplaning and blow outs so it's handy to know that garages like Iverson Tyres Ltd will actually send the tyres directly to your door. So, when the time comes to get new tyres which I have a feeling will be towards the end of the summer, it's definitely something I'm going to look into. Not only is it super convenient but it also takes the pressure off having to go to a garage with no idea what I'm talking about - Online I can just pop in my reg number and go. No excuses. 

Bulbs I can absolutely never fathom why people drive around without lights on or knowing they have bulbs out. I can completely appreciate that it's not always easy to tell but surely every month or so, just give your car a once over to check. There are have been a scary number of occasions recently where cars haven't had bright bulbs in the dark or when people haven't had indicators on and I've had to slam on the brakes. It's not okay.  Lucky for me, despite my car being quite old, it has a handy and also very annoying warning light on my dashboard which flashes orange whenever there's a bulb out. If you watch my Instagram Stories, you'll no doubt be aware of the indicator bulb situation a few weeks ago but still, as much as that was a pain and a total waste of an hour of my life, I'm happy knowing it's sorted. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Driving isn't something I often talk about online but it is something that I do everyday and after almost a year of being on the road, I'm starting to notice the irritations that come along with it. Remember, always better to be safe than sorry.


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