Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Low Light Photos I Won't Post On Instagram

A month or so ago, I decided to change my edits. I wanted to up my photography game by getting to know my camera better and explore the best ways to showcase what I'd captured. I've been having so much fun since then and I'm more in love with my blog and Instagram than ever before but of course, there are some photos that I haven't shared - Some aren't as good quality as I'd like and some are too dark for my aesthetic but I do, however, want to show them the light of day and give you a bit of an insight so here it goes. 

Low Light Photos I Won't Post On Instagram - ItsHollieAnn
Bala Lake, Wales I actually took this photo on a day drive out to Bala a couple of years back and completely forgot about it until I installed Lightroom. I enhanced the light flare from the sun to add a little something to an otherwise quite boring photo and I love how it turned out. Bala is honestly one of my favourite drives out in the summer. The views around the lake are stunning and the town is adorable.

Low Light Photos I Won't Post On Instagram - ItsHollieAnn
Las Vegas, USA This shot of Planet Hollywood and the strip is a classic example of Instagram vs Reality. Whilst this photo is quite composed, it was actually taken on a walk down to the Bellagio the night my bestie had arrived in Vegas. She'd been there a total of about 5 hours yet we'd consumed an obscene amount of cocktails and decided to go on the LONGEST walk. I don't even know how we made it - So, so drunk.

Low Light Photos I Won't Post On Instagram - ItsHollieAnn
Las Vegas, USA Oddly enough, this was taken the same night as the above photo. We got a yard drink from Beer Park and stood at the back of the fountains watching them in amazement. I didn't realise how well you could see Paris until I played around with this photo in Lightroom but again, considering we were walking around without a care in the world, it turned out to be a great shot. 

Low Light Photos I Won't Post On Instagram - ItsHollieAnn
Dublin, Ireland This classic Irish setting is actually inside The Auld Dubliner. We arrived in Dublin really early that day and around 10.30am, walked around Temple Bar deciding what pub would be our first of the day. The Auld Dubliner was quiet and charming when we arrived but as we made our way through many-a-Guinness, the live music started and the crowds came. It became so full of life and it was so great to see so many people having such a great time. 

Low Light Photos I Won't Post On Instagram - ItsHollieAnn
Manchester, UK I'm not usually one for having my camera out at gigs but I like to capture at least a couple of photos just to document my time there - and of course for a cheeky Instagram story. This was over a year ago now when we saw Deaf Havana in Manchester Ritz - Not only one of our favourite bands but also one of our favourite venues. They'd just released the incredible album, All These Countless Nights and it was their first gig in three or four years. As always, they were brilliant.

Low Light Photos I Won't Post On Instagram - ItsHollieAnn
Las Vegas, USA You know, I really wish this photo was better quality - It doesn't do this view justice at all. Whilst it may look like we were doing a bit of night time sight-seeing, this photo was actually taken from Voodoo Lounge, a club on top of the Rio that I mentioned in my Las Vegas post. We we're so hyped up after seeing Penn and Teller and jumped at the chance of free entry.  We spent the night dancing on the outdoor dance-floor and drinking a few too many oversized tequilas - It was such a great night and one that we still laugh about now. The Rio is set back from the strip so out front you can see it from top to bottom and from the side like here, you can just about see Luxor and Mandalay Bay as well as the surrounding areas. 

Well there we go, the low light photos I won't post on Instagram all out in the open. As I mentioned above, it's not that I don't like these photos. I just can't find a way to make them work. I really hope you liked seeing them and hearing more about each one since my Instagram captions seem to be more chatty than descriptive. 

Do you limit yourself to what you post on Instagram or do you share whatever you feel like?


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