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Why I Felt Inspired To Change My Edits

Why I Felt Inspired To Change My Edits
Photographs are personal. I don't just mean personal in a sense that they've been taken by you but personal in a sense of, right from the idea to the composition and all the way to the edit, that photo is your vision. 

For the longest time, I've been feeling uninspired by what I thought was my *vision*. Not only had I been editing my photos with the same 'copy and paste edits'  for probably the past 12 months but, when you actually looked at my photos, you could see that they weren't just copy and pasted edits, they were a copy and pasted vision. They were a copy and pasted vision of the same blush and blue tones, marble backgrounds and quite over exposed photos. With each new photo I edited and posted, I wasn't 100% happy. Gradually I posted less and less until ultimately, I didn't really want to share photos at all.
That changed a few weeks ago when the ever-so-lovely Chloe from LadyWrites launched her new Instagram chapter. She'd put 110% effort into creating photos that she absolutely loved and eagerly shared them with her now 10K audience in anticipation. Of course, in true Chloe style, they were bloody brilliant and I take my hat off to her for believing in herself. From that moment, I was inspired. Chloe had taken everything she'd been doing day to day, thew it up in the air and basically said 'This is what I want so I'm doing it' and for me, that was the turning point.

I went for a little search around Instagram to see what other people were up to and the photographs I came across were incredible. There were so many creators showcasing amazing imagery. Everything from landscape photography to street photography and jaw-dropping flatlays to brilliant portraits were suddenly in front of me. From seeing what Chloe had done and then seeing all these beautiful images, it was time to take the plunge and reinvent my photos. 

Lightroom seemed to be the preferred editing software of many photographers and though I'd played around with the app a few times, I didn't really know much about what it could do for my photos aside from making the sea look more blue. A few clicks and complicated Youtube tutorials later I stumbled upon Peter McKinnon - A photographer, filmmaker and all round cool guy from Canada. Not only were his films and photographs absolutely amazing, he also had a whole host of tutorials, tips, and must-knows when it comes to Lightroom. Slowly but surely, I couldn't believe I hadn't used it sooner.
I'm not by any means a photographer but I enjoy taking photos and I want to get the most of them. I wanted to add creativity to these photos and figure out my own style, so that's exactly what I did. I downloaded Lightroom onto my desktop and set up a free trial (Highly recommend!) and from then on, I spent most of my weekend just playing around. I started importing photos from my travels and 150+ photos later, I'd created a couple of presets and and figured out how these could make my editing process seamless. Over the course of the weekend, I'd edited 200+ photos - even ones that I'd previously disregarded - and made them into something that I was excited to look at. 

Watching Peter's videos reminded me is that photography is a creative process and everyone sees the world differently. When it comes to editing and post production, it's easy to slap a filter and call it a day but taking care of the photo, nurturing the colours and light and putting my own stamp on it, is something I've truly fallen in love with. 

The only thing that was left to do was to show these edits to the world. After consulting a friend just to make sure I wasn't going crazy, I uploaded the first photo to my grid. The new edits weren't *that* different to previous ones but the change was noticeable and at first, I was nervous that nobody would like them. The more and more I posted, the more I realised that I didn't care. The fact I loved the photos was more validation than I ever needed and right now, I'm the happiest and most inspired I've ever been. 

I'd love to know your thoughts on the new edits that are floating around on my Instagram and how you feel about your photos and edits!


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