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3 Ways I'm Boosting My Creativity

3 Ways I'm Trying To Boost My Creativity - Cains Brewery Village
Throughout early April, I interviewed for a new job at work. The job was within the marketing department and focused a lot on content creation and social media. Despite my best efforts, I didn't get it and surprisingly, I wasn't disappointed. Here's why;

I've never been a person who's known what path I want to take. I've always been somewhat creative and my mind is constantly thinking about new ideas and drawing inspiration from everything in life. At first, to me, this job was just an interest. With all of the ideas and inspiration floating around in my mind, I thought it would be great to channel it into something different - No harm done. However, the further along I got through the interview process and the more preparations I made, the more I realised that what I really wanted to do wasn't to channel my ideas into a new job, I wanted to channel it into my own work. 

I wanted to see the creativity shine through on my blog, in my writing and on my Instagram but the more I produced things for my interviewers approval, the more I realised it was actually my own approval I'd been seeking - I wanted to be creative for myself. I started by changing my edits and honestly, that's kind of what sparked it for me.  So, when I didn't get the job, instead of leaving the meeting room upset and disappointed I was happy that I'd finally found what I wanted. To channel all of my creativity into my own platforms. So, with my little story in mind, I wanted to share a few ways I've been trying to boost my creativity since then. 

Photography and editing

I mentioned in my edits post that I'd been learning a lot about Lightroom from Peter McKinnon and through watching his channel. In the past few months, my Youtube suggestions have shifted completely from 'Applying the perfect winged liner' to 'Making your videos more cinematic'. I've not branched into the world of Youtube or film-making but I'm loving watching what others create and learning how I could do it if I ever chose to. I'm just really enjoying seeing what different people create and gathering inspiration from everywhere.

Following new accounts

Speaking of seeing what others create, I've recently started following a bunch of new accounts on social media including Youtube and Instagram. I've finally curated a feed of people who inspire me and who I'm interested in seeing or hearing from - This includes but definitely isn't limited to photographers, film-makers, bloggers of all sizes, travellers and everyone in between. I want my time on social media to be useful, informative and educational and switching up the accounts I'm following has really helped.

Consuming a variety of content  

As well as consuming content online, to boost my creativity even more, I like to consume a variety of content. I have a monthly subscription to Cosmopolitan which I continuously draw inspiration from as well as podcasts I've started listening to every week. I don't draw inspiration from this content in order to follow trends, I do to be inspired to write, to photograph and create.

 What do you do to boost your creativity whether it's for work or a hobby? 


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