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Attempting To Perfect No Makeup, Makeup With Glossier

Attempting To Perfect No Makeup, Makeup with Glossier
I'm in search of the perfect no makeup, makeup. 

I don't mean perfect as in flawless, I mean perfect as in it works and it looks great. 

I've tried a heap of different products from tinted moisturisers to BB creams, even CC creams and 'weightless' concealers but no matter what I slap on my face, I cannot for the life of me, achieve that effortless look of no makeup, makeup. 

Since my drugstore searches had been a damn right disaster and I had more and more products finding their way to the back of the draw, I knew it was time to search elsewhere. There was one brand that stuck out like sore thumb but despite the rave reviews from beauty fanatics everywhere, I just couldn't get on board. That was until, I watched a video from Patricia Bright

Patricia's videos are some of my absolute favourites because she tells it like it is about every single product. There's no fads or bullshit, she's informative and to the point. In her 'Trying Out Glossier' video she was trialing some of Glossier's most popular products and the more she talked about them blending like water and being incredibly dewy, the more sounded right up my street. I'd heard it all hundreds of times before but coming from Patricia I knew it was legit, so I placed an order. 

First into my basket was the Perfecting Skin Tint which I'm currently in a love hate relationship with. I love it because the coverage is exactly what I wanted. It's sheer, natural looking and matches my skin perfectly. It's also super easy to blend out with your fingers and add more to build coverage where necessary. 

The problem I have with this skin tint is, if my skin hasn't been exfoliated that day, it is so difficult to work with. On days where I don't exfoliate ie. 5 out of 7 days a week, it clings to dry skin that I swear wasn't even there and doesn't blend out properly. I don't want to change up my skincare routine by suddenly exfoliating every day and driving my skin nuts, I also don't want to add dollops of moisturiser which I've found actually doesn't help the blending process that much anyway. I like it but it's not a solid win just yet - Hopefully in the summer when my skin is more hydrated, I'll like it even more. 

Next I picked up the widely talked about Stretch Concealer. Based on Patricia's experience with it, being quite oily and movable, I thought this would be great for my under-eye area. I sometimes have problems with concealers being too drying but I was pleasantly surprised by this. It has a lovely amount of coverage and blends seamlessly into my skin. I do find myself having to set it with powder because it creases quite quickly but other than that, I love it. It's not as sheer as I thought and it quite comfortably covered small blemishes and darker patches around my nose. 

Overall, besides the need to exfoliate every time I use the Skin Tint, I'm happy with these products. I think I'll still keep on the look out for other 'No Makeup' products but for now with these offering a sheer and natural base be good for the summer months. 

Find out how I got on with some of Glossier's skincare products and if you want 10% off your order, follow this link 

Have you tried any products from Glossier? What did you think?


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