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2018 Fuck Budget + A 2017 Recap

The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A Fuck - 2018 Fuck Budget + A 2017 Recap
Who remembers 'The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A Fuck'? I'm sure you do but even if you've not read it, I'm sure you understand the concept. Basically giving less fucks about things you don't care about and more fucks about things you do. The book is a couple of years old now but since I got thinking about my 2018 fucks whilst in the shower yesterday, I thought I'd not only recap on last years with you, but share the fucks I plan to give this year. 

A recap of 2017

First off in 2017 and probably the biggest 'give less fucks about..' from last years post, I decided that I actually did give a fuck about driving. It was mostly because the tests were changing at the end of the year but also because I figured that if I kept spending my savings elsewhere, then I would never actually have the money to learn. 

Moving on to blogging, I made an effort to give more fucks about engagement online though not as much as I would have liked. I started commenting on Instagram photos, replying to other peoples tweets and commenting on blog posts a lot more than before. I also made a conscious effort to 'up my blog game' even though I hadn't actually given it a thought at first. I learnt more about photography and tried my hand at capturing photos I was proud of along with writing content that I wanted to read. Win.

With regards to work, I managed to take the next step and was offered a job as Team Leader and honestly, I'm so much happier where I am now. 

On the topic of friends', I definitely managed to steer away from the social-breadcrumming I was doing far too much of - I stopped sending those 'We should hang out' texts to friends that weren't bothered about me and felt so much better for it. I also managed to cram in a bunch of quality time with the friends I love dearly and didn't even give a thought to the people who didn't like me. Woo. 

The family side of things was a real strange one last year. A lot of things happened that brought us closer together which, despite the circumstances, I will be eternally grateful for. We have a new found love for wanting to spend time together and have started making the effort to see each other more, something I know we'll look back on in years to come. 

2018 in a nutshell

I know I say this somewhere every year but this year I want to think about more achievable health goals. I'm going to care less about sticking to Weight Watchers and have finally realised that I'm never going to hit the gym three times a week. I'm going to set little goals throughout the year and see how I go. For example we're trying out dry January with the hopes of cutting down on alcohol when were done. We're going to try and eat less meats purely because we feel a lot better when we eat veterinarian and pescatarian meals. Also eventually I think we'll try to cut down on dairy products (except for the odd bit of cheese) because, like meat, we just feel better for it. 

I'm going to care less about what people think of my decisions. I know that it seems pretty obvious but lately I've realised that there are certain people in my life that just don't know when to keep their opinions to themselves. This goes for everything from what I choose to spend my money on, places I choose to travel to and how I choose to spend my time. Why should it matter to anyone else and anyone who tries to cover up their sour opinions with 'Oh I'm just looking out for you' is lying. 

I'm going to continue spending more quality time with my family and I'm determined (after years of saying I would) to visit my cousin in St Andrews this year before she finishes university. It only occurred to me when she was down here over New Year just how much it actually means to her and so for that reason, I want to go. Plus, I'm super duper proud of her!

This year, I'm in two minds about money. Part of me wants to save as much as I possibly can and part of me just wants a year out. I booked for us to go back to Las Vegas in July so I'm obviously going to have to save for that but I'm not sure if I want to put even more money aside each month. We have everything we need so I'm trying to decide if it's worth it. I love the idea of saving for a rainy day and having a comfort blanket but both of those things don't require me to save more than what I already do. Adult life ey. 

With regards to blogging, I don't really want to make any goals. I've tried that before and when I don't achieve them it just gets me down so I figure going with the flow is the best way to handle it. I'm trying to find a way to plan content that works for me but then I'm thinking, should I really plan at all? Joe put out a great tweet the other day asking bloggers how they choose to plan and some of the replies made me feel nauseous (and not just because I was actually sick lol). I think everyone just needs to do their own thing and find a way that works for them because as soon as we stop comparing ourselves or forcing ourselves to do what we believe we 'should' be doing, we'll all be a lot happier. 

That's it folks, my 2018 Fuck Budget. It's in a bit of a different format to last year but I think I like this chatty way a lot more than a list. I'd love to read your Fuck Budget or just the things you plan on caring more or less about this year!


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