Tuesday, 2 January 2018

A Round Up Of 2017's Festivities & Why They Were Brilliant

A Round Up Of 2017's Festivities & Why They Were Brilliant
Where do I begin with this post? It's just gone 8pm, I have an old season of Inside No. 9 on catch up and a fresh brew in hand. I've not long dropped my cousin, Jasmine, off at the train station and almost all of our Christmas decorations are back upstairs in a very disorganised fashion. 

I finished work on December 22nd and haven't thought about it since but it's just dawned on me that in 12 hours time, I'll be rubbing my tired eyes whilst no doubt dripping toothpaste down my chin like I do every day. This year however, something about heading back to the office feels a little different. I'm actually quite content with going back to work because, in all honesty, the last 10 days have been bloody brilliant.

For starters, my other half and I cooked our first Christmas dinner. There were six of us in total and everything reached the table hot, not burnt and only 20 minutes behind schedule - To me, that's a success. We managed to host the whole Christmas morning and serve dinner for just after 2pm without so much as a word muttered under our breaths or any swearing whatsoever (and not just because my Nan was around). The day was great but it soon came to an end and after lots of games and many glasses of prosecco. In true rock and roll style,  we called it a night at 10pm ready for a Boxing Day full of family fun. 

Since this year was my family's first without my Grandad, it was a little bit strange arriving at my Aunties house on Boxing Day instead of his. We in no way tried to recreate what we had with my Grandad but instead, started new traditions for the youngest children and took some great family photos to remember the day by - Instead of filling the house with sad thoughts, we filled it with laughter and love. 

That evening, we hosted my Uncle along with his wife and my little cousin whilst we dashed across town to my in-laws for another night of games and too much prosecco. We played some all too inappropriate rounds of Cards Against Humanity followed by Tipple Tower and after blasting the best of the trance anthems and taking far too many Polaroids, we stumbled up our driveway around 3am. Mini Cheddars in bed were the perfect end to a great family day. 

After a day of rest, the Thursday after Christmas saw us getting the train down to Shrewsbury for an afternoon of food and drinks with our friend Chris and his brother whilst they were home for Christmas. We had such a lovely time catching up and eating the most delicious food at The Alb but it was soon time to head home because my family from Scotland had arrived. A few hours (and a few vodkas) later we headed home to play prosecco pong with Jasmine in tow, ready for the build up to New Year. 

Over the next few days we spent time with Jasmine's Nan along with her parents and nieces before they travelled back up North. Whilst my other half was at the football on Saturday, we had a girly afternoon picking a Pandora ring for her 21st, eating mouth-watering food at Just Steak in Mold and watching Prison Break with (yes you guessed it) prosecco. 

Fast forward to New Years Eve and after cooking breakfast in true girl style, we went out to buy even more prosecco and spent the afternoon getting ready. Our friend Andy came over for a beer and before we knew it, it was time to head out and start the countdown to New Year. We had such a laugh and drank so many cocktails, bumped in to old friends and danced like idiots with others. We celebrated at midnight with the most random bunch but it we had such a great time that we just didn't care. After dancing the night away, we headed home with a kebab and (as per) I fell asleep on the sofa where I coincidentally spent all of yesterday whilst we watched movies like Cars 3, The Best Of Me and, just to man it up, San Andreas. 

Since Jasmine was heading back up North today, we spent a fairly low-key afternoon in Chester eating some lovely food at The Botanist before dropping her off at the train station and saying our goodbyes. It's always so hard saying bye because she's the closest thing I have to a sister but it'll no doubt only be a few short months before we head up to see her in uni before she graduates, the smart lil' cookie. 
Well gang, I'm sorry to ramble but I just had such a lovely time over Christmas and New Year that I really wanted to share it. I'd love to know what you got up to over the holidays! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and here's to 2018!


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