Sunday, 31 December 2017

What I Got For Christmas This Year

Reading and watching 'What I Got For Christmas' content is my favourite way to spend that limbo week between Christmas and New Year. I asked on Instagram whether you would like to see me do the same and I was so happy to see that everyone said yes because truthfully, I was so happy with my gifts and I couldn't wait to share them. 

As I'm getting older, I'm starting to hint at more jewellery items for Christmas. This year, I was given a gorgeous 'H' pendant from Tiffany from my other half to go onto the necklace I was given a few years ago. She also managed to track down an ever so dainty 'Hollie' necklace for the days when I'm channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw and also a Monica Vinader Siren ring that I've had my eye on for a while.

Since my other half has now caught on to the fact I have an unhealthy obsession with candles, she went ahead and ordered this set of 5 mini Diptyque candles since she couldn't decide which smelt the nicest in store. They each smell absolutely delightful and I can't wait to start burning them once our Baies candle has burnt down. 

I booked us a trip back to our favourite city next year as a surprise so going with the theme, she treated me to a Kate Spade luggage tag and also some black leather and rose gold Converse which I can't wait to wear!

My in-laws picked up this Guinness toucan decoration in Dublin earlier in the year and saved it as a Christmas eve gift to us which was so lovely of them - It's my favourite of all the old Guinness adverts. They also gifted me a stunning Anthropologie champagne flute and hilariously, an analogue tyre inflator since all of my tyres were flat when I asked if they could pump up just one not too long ago. They also gifted me my most used present so far - Prosecco Pong - which has come in so handy over the festive period. 

I was so grateful to receive a Bath and Body Works candle along with a NYX liquid lipstick collection and goodies from Lush from my GFs brother and girlfriend along with some delicious treats from Hotel Chocolat which I'm trying so hard not to rip open just yet.

Amongst all these amazing gifts, I was also lucky enough to receive some money towards our holiday from my parents and grandparents, endless supplies of chocolate and prosecco along with pajamas and slippers. 
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and of course, Christmas is about the time you spend with loved ones not just the gifts you give and receive. What was your favourite thing about this Christmas?


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