Wednesday, 13 December 2017

5 Things I'm Doing Over The Festive Period

5 Things I'm Doing Over The Festive Period
At the crack of dawn yesterday morning, I met an old friend for coffee. There was still some snow on the ground outside and as we sat drinking our mochas, watching the commuters drive by, we got to talking about how we would be spending our the precious time off over the holidays. We talked about how we planned to relax, sip endless glasses of prosecco and, like always, we vowed to spend more time together. 

We continued catching up, sharing a slice of lemon loaf and then as we walked back to our cars, we said goodbye. Before I closed my door I shouted 'Have a good Christmas' because, despite promising for approximately the last 7 years, I know that things get in the way and committing to spend more time together isn't something we're good at.  

This got me thinking about the many things I'd sworn to do each time the Christmas period comes along - Drink mulled wine, play board games and eat pub roasts to name a few. It made me think about how I'll actually be spending my time over the holidays and the things I plan to do instead of just relaxing and sipping endless glasses of prosecco.

Spending time with family | My family and I don't see each other very often because, quite frankly, we don't feel the need but, like most people, as Christmas draws near we start to make plans together. My parents and grandparents are spending Christmas Day at my house and this years Boxing Day festivities will take place at my aunties since it's the first year without my Granddad. My cousin is travelling down from Scotland for New Year and overall, I'm super excited to see everyone again.

Eating all the cheese | Despite being a huge cheese lover, we never buy a cheese board at Christmas. This year, as we're hosting Christmas dinner, the cheese board was the first item on my Christmas order. I absolutely cannot wait to sit at the table with a glass of prosecco, making my way through a tub of Jacobs crackers. Bring it on. 

Watching movies | Every year I say that I'm going to watch Christmas movies cuddled up on the sofa but I never do. In this years Christmas run-up I'm all about Elf, Home Alone, Deck The Halls and pretty much everything in the Sky Christmas category. 

Winter walks | I'm that girl that enjoys the cold weather but would rather observe it from indoors, wrapped in a blanket. It snowed last week and my partner and I went on a little winter walk around our estate and the surrounding countryside everyday. Even though it was super chilly (and incredibly slippery) it was nice to get out of the house, all layered up and enjoy chatting to all of our neighbours doing the same. 

Spend frosty mornings drinking coffee | Despite never keeping plans with one another, this year my friend and I are going to make more time for sipping coffee and catching up. 
I'm so excited to get cracking with these plans and I'm hopeful that for once, I'll actually see them through. It's easy to lie on the sofa all day just 'enjoying time off' but it's also nice to make the most of the days you have, especially with your loved ones. I'd love to know what you have planned for over the holidays! 


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