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Tips For Travelling As A Couple & A Small Travel Bucket List

Tips For Travelling As A Couple + Our Travel Wish List
My other half and I have lived together for almost three out of the four years we've been a couple. We've pretty much nailed it and whilst we have our routines and the ways we like to do things, travelling can throw that off a little. When away, we used to have the tendency to get on each others nerves a little - Not on purpose, we just weren't used to being out of our comfort zone.

These days when we travel, we're the greatest of teams. We know exactly what to do and what not to do and how to use having two of us to an advantage. We’ve travelled to a number of great places over the course of our relationship so I wanted to share our top tips for travelling together along with some of the destinations we hope to travel to in future. 


Know your budget When choosing destinations or deciding on spending money it's important to understand how much you can realistically afford. Kudos if one of you can afford a weeks stay in the Maldives but if you're on more of  a weekend in Spain kind of budget, you're going to need to agree on something else. My partner and I set the same base budget each time and book our trip around that. If we want to spend anything more, we work out whether we can both afford it way ahead of time. 

Make lists We're list gals. We list what we need to pack, landmarks we want to see right down to places we want to eat and where we want to take photos. This way, we don't forget anything and we're able to plan our days so much more efficiently. With regards to lists for when we've reached our destination, we make sure we've both made equal contributions so one of us isn't left running around after the other. 

Compromise This follows on from the lists point perfectly and I find it's one of the key components to not only taking a trip together, but to a relationship in general. We've become very good at understanding what's important to one another so if we have 10 things we want to do but they're not doable in the time frame we have, we're able to compromise and recognise what's important to each other. Similarly when choosing a destination in the first place, over time it's become quite easy for us to compromise and come to an agreement.

Set aside relaxation time I don't know about you but we sure get pretty tired after a day of walking or sightseeing. With tiredness comes irritation and that's usually followed by unnecessary bickering. We make sure that whenever we're away, no matter how amazing the destination, we set aside some downtime. Whether it's lazing on a sun-lounger, taking a nap or just grabbing a coffee, we find that it makes such a difference to our trip when we take a moment to relax.

Split the duties You can apply this tip to your own travels in any way necessary but what I really mean is, don't have one person doing everything. If one person is carrying the bag, have the other navigate. If you picked dinner last night, have your partner pick it the next. We also apply this to money in terms of, if one of us picks up the bill, the other will get the taxi back. It's nothing that's set in stone, it's just something we've adopted over the years but it makes such a difference to our experience. 

Bucket list destinations

Nashville, USA At the top of our destination list is the city of Nashville. We love the idea for a number of reasons such as music, culture and the fact that it's a place we feel really suits our personality. We love the idea of seeing a show at the Opry as much as eating some hot chicken watching an up and coming artist. 

Canada Canada is stunning in every aspect. Our dream would be to travel to multiple places like Toronto, Banff and Lake Louise. We'd love to climb some mountains, stay in a cabin and take in the amazing scenery. 

Santorini, Greece Santorini is on our list mostly for the reason it looks breathtaking but also because we loved Kos so much. The Greek culture is lovely and the locals are the most welcoming people we've ever met. 

San Francisco, USA San Fran has been on our travel list forever and if we could have afforded a two-stop trip next year, I absolutely would have booked it. We're dying to see Alcatraz and walk the Golden Gate Bridge. The city has such an amazing culture and I definitely think we'd leave our hearts in San Francisco. 

Havana, Cuba I always knew part of me wanted to travel to Havana but Victoria's post really cemented it for me. It's such a beautiful place and is so rich in history. I don't know the ins and outs of the political history surrounding Havana but it's definitely something I'll continue to read up on, especially with the hopes of travelling there one day.

Paris, France I never really thought about Paris until earlier in the year but now, I can't get it out of my head. Not only is it the most romantic city in the world but also, I know it's somewhere we'd love to explore. Neither of us have been to France previously so it's definitely on our list for the future. 

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into our relationship when we travel. I'd love to hear your tips for travelling with friends or your other half and where are your dream destinations?


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