Monday, 16 October 2017

How I'm Keeping My Summer Glow This Season

How I'm Keeping My Summer Glow This Season
There's nothing I love more than holiday skin. It's the kind of skin that glowing, slightly sun-kissed and requires the most minimal make-up. Despite the obvious sun exposure, there's no doubt that my skin feels healthier when I'm exploring somewhere nice and sunny - I think it's a mixture of constant hydration from mists and sun-creams and frequent cleansing due to make-up changes and soaring temperatures. 

I've been back from holiday for two weeks now but I'm desperately clinging on to that summer glow skin so today I thought I'd show you what make-up bits I'm using to keep it up.

Dew The Hoola Bronzer This product is underrated, seriously. I actually got a sample of this at the beginning of the summer and knew it was a product I had to purchase for during and after my holiday. It's the most user friendly liquid bronzer I've come across and honestly, I can't stop using it. I would say however the colour is a little too warm for the winter months but whilst I'm skill the tiniest bit tanned, I'm going to continue using it. 

Hangover Primer I can't believe I'd never used this product before and ever since I popped it in my Sephora basket, I haven't been able to stop using it. It leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and smooth and I've been using it with and without make up. Honestly, I don't find it helps my make up last any longer but the way it makes my skin feel outweighs that. Also, it smells delightful.

Radiance Reveal Concealer I've been using this concealer for a while now and I made sure to include it in my 'Best Holiday Beauty Bits' post for the simple fact that it's brilliant. I use it under my eyes, on my chin and my forehead for a dewy coverage and it really does work wonders when it comes to brightening my complexion. 

Backlight Priming Filter This is a very new addition to my make-up collection and I didn't believe the hype until I used it for myself. This primer, like the Hangover Primer, works great with or without make up and adds the most dreamy glow even when my face looks a little dull. Sometimes I use this all over the face, sometimes just on the high points of my face - It's so versatile and it's definitely worth trying out if you haven't already. 

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighting Duo I couldn't wait to get my hands on a little Fenty Beauty when I headed to Sephora and with so much to choose from, I felt that if I was going to purchase anything, it needed to be this. I've been using Lightening Dust on my cheekbones, brow bone and down the nose and Fire Crystal just a tiny bit to finish it off. I like the overall look it gives and I definitely think I'll use Fire Crystal into the winter months.

Dandelion Blush  Dandelion is a bit of a forgotten favourite of mine. I used it a lot a couple of years ago but it's been stashed at the back of my make-up drawer ever since. I rekindled my love with it recently though and had to pick up this mini box in the airport. It gives the most subtle yet healthy flush of colour and is so brightening on the face. It's hard to go wrong with this shade and definitely one to try if you're just starting out with Benefit blushes. 
I hope you enjoyed reading about the products I've been using to keep my holiday glow and I'd love to know if there are any you'd recommend or love using!



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