Wednesday, 13 September 2017

4 Reasons I'm Proud Of Myself Right Now

4 Reasons I'm Proud Of Myself Right Now
I've never really been overly proud of myself. I won a few swimming badges as a child, got around 13 GCSEs and even moved into my own home just over a year ago but they didn't feel like things I needed to be proud of, they just felt normal. Recently though, there have been a few things in life that I'm actually incredibly proud of so I thought I'd toot my own horn and share them with you. 

Driving | I managed to pass my driving test first time last month and much as I'm pretty damn happy with that, I'm proud because I managed to pay for it all myself. I moved out of my parents when I was 18 so I figured there was absolutely no way I could afford to do it and even if I could, then I wouldn't be able to run a car but here I am. Whoop.

Promotion | 9 months after initially being rejected for the role, I've continued to work ~semi~ hard and been given the role as Team Leader. I'm so happy with the job and I'm surrounded by a great bunch of girls. 

Blog | I'm so proud of how is coming along. I feel like my content and photography is improving post by post and I'm really enjoying writing at the moment. 

Growing Up | Last but not least, I'm proud because I finally feel like I'm doing this adult thing well. I have a beautiful house which I actually keep tidy, a good job and I'm choosing to surround myself with people on my wave length. I'm educating myself on new topics and exploring the world one bit at a time. 

There you have it, basically four reasons I'm blowing my own trumpet at the moment x

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