Sunday, 16 July 2017

Things I Text My Best Friend In The Past Fortnight

Things I Text My Best Friend In The Past Fortnight

'What do girls really talk about?' Is a question I get asked by my guy friends a lot. I'm not sure why but they seem to think our WhatsApp conversations are full of bitching, plotting revenge and periods. Let's be honest, they're not half wrong but after reading Gwennan's post on the things she's text her dad over the past fortnight I couldn't help but look through the conversations between me and my best gal pal, Bethan.

Now, some of the things we say to each other span from damn right hilarious to things that definitely shouldn't be shared with anyone else but I thought, what the heck. People want to know what girls really talk about and I'm going to show them. Let's go!

'We had a Snapchat filter in workkkkkkk'

'Which driving instructor did that girl have a baby with?'

'It's casual drinks but whoever is wasted can go to Liquid'

'Why is she such a stinge, like always wants stuff for free'

'Burgers, sausages, baps/rolls, anddddddd cheese. Maybe kebabs? Minted lamb?'

'We were only in Revs for half an hour, same for Kuckoo'



'I was legit nearly sick. Legit choked on my drink. How dare he even reply.'

'Things ALWAYS get out'

'Why are they such hoes?'

'I sized up in the shorts that I bought but that should be fine'

'Sluts galore'

'I was like "Mate, your life gets more unbelievable by the day"' 

'The back of that is like knickers, I don't think it's races appropriate' 

'He said he was sleeping with a guy on that estate, this is his Snapchat map, dya think it's a coincidence?' 

'I wish I was in so I could have heard about it myself'

'Ugh, dirty hoes' 


'I don't know whether to come in. [My manager] said I can and just sit at my desk but like, can I be assed?'

'Is my charger in the box or at your desk?'

'Are you gonna get merry?'

'Oops soz' 

Flicking through our messages to find these gave me a right giggle, we actually talk so much shit that it's unbelievable - I also use the term 'hoes' a lot. These messages are taken out of context and we're definitely not as bitchy as this seems but still, they're a laugh and they're a little insight into the things we chat about.


If you decide to recreate this post, be sure to tag Gwennan because I'm sure she'd love to see it!


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