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6 Bands You Need To See At Slam Dunk 2017

6 Bands You Need To See At Slam Dunk 2017
Guys, #SDF17 is almost here and if you can't tell, I'm excited. This will only be my second year attending but last year was so damn good and I really do think this year could actually top it. I just can't wait to stand in Millennium Square with a beer in hand, listening to some awesome music.

A few of the bands in this round up were mentioned in my live music this year post back in February but as there's going to be so much good music I saw no harm in mentioning them again. Ready? Here we go. Six bands you need to see at Slam Dunk this year!

Deaf Havana | Let's face it, Deaf Havana were always going to be at the top of this list because they have a tonne of great music and are always a pleasure to watch. Their new album dropped earlier this year so be sure to take a listen and head out to see them if you're at the festival.

We Are The Ocean | Do I even need to give you a reason to go and see these guys? Man, it's going to be emotional. These guys brought out some hefty songs throughout their time and with these being their final three gigs I really don't think you can miss them.

Neck Deep | Okay okay, so you may think I'm biased because they're from my home town but you've got to admit, Neck Deep are killing it at the moment. I've heard so much about their shows and their music has grown on me so much recently that I'm really excited to see what they're about.

Don Broco | Man, I love this band so much. I've been listening to them since way back when and even though they dropped off the radar for a little while, I loved their last album. I haven't seen them live since they supported We Are The Ocean way back in like, 2013-ish, so I'm super excited.

Madina Lake | I mean, how can we not Madina Lake's comeback?! 14 year old me is so excited, I don't know how I'll contain myself. I didn't manage to catch their farewell tour so this is perfect. PERFECT.

Set It Off | 
Truthfully, I've been meaning to see these guys for ages and I've never managed it. These guys worked their arses off putting out their last album and promoting that I feel like they deserve such a big squeeze and lots support!

So, that's my round up of must see's for Slam Dunk 2017. There are so many great bands that it was almost impossible to condense them down. However, needs must and I love these bands so much that I felt the need to point you in their direction.

Are you heading to Slam Dunk this weekend? Be sure to say hello if you're in the North!


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