Sunday, 30 April 2017

How to Improve Your Blog When You're Not Posting

How To Improve Your Blog When You're Not Posting
We've all been in a blogging rut at some point or another, whether we're too busy with life, can't think up content or just simply don't want to post. I don't know about you but whenever I hit a wall, it starts to stress me out. I worry that people are not caring about my blog, are getting tired of me not posting and are ultimately losing interest. So as of late when I've been taking a few breaks, I've been trying to improve my blog in other ways which I'm going to share with you today. Grab a cub of tea and have a read.

The biggest tip any Blogger will probably give you is to interact and there are so many ways you can do this. First up we'll start with Instagram. Open up your feed and instead of posting or searching for #kittensofinstagram, search for the hashtags you use and see what people are posting. Like and comment away and really engage with other people, bloggers or not - I normally do this in work when I'm not able to sit and write a post or if I have a spare few minutes waiting for the kettle to boil. Next up is Twitter. I like to use Twitter to talk to other people, see what's going on in the world but to also find new blogs to read. I follow a few accounts like @FemaleBloggerRT and @Lbloggerschat for example. They will retweet most people that use their tag and I'll often click on what they share and comment. This moves me onto my next point. Read other blogs. Whether you're finding them to Bloglovin', Pinterest, Twitter whatever, just read other peoples post and if you have something to say, write a comment. Let them know you've read their post and share your opinions and contributions. 

The next tip I want to talk about is the use of hashtags. For the longest time hashtags were pretty much seen as a pain in the behind and to be honest when I see #lovemyboyfriend it still makes my skin crawl. When used properly and strategically however hashtags open up your content to brand new eyes. I spent the longest time looking up different hashtags, reading other peoples posts (hit up 'Hashtags for bloggers' on Google or Bloglovin') and seeing what works for my content both on Twitter and Instagram. I use the text replacement function on my iPhone so that when I type a particular phrase - #general - in my case, it replaces that text with 15 to 20 hashtags that are generic enough for what I'm posting. You can change this up to be as specific as you want. You could have a set of hashtags for travel, fashion, outdoors, cooking, interiors, art, literally whatever you choose. Same goes for Twitter. Take the time to look up different accounts that have a # for a retweet or test it out and see what different hashtags get your content seen and interacted with the most. 

The last way I like to improve my blog is by updating old posts and just sprucing up my blog in general. I start by checking for broken links every few months and updating them or deleting them as necessary - There are so many websites you can use to do this. Next I go through a few post at a time and make sure they're still formatted correctly - I changed themes not too long ago and it sent my posts haywire. Moving on to the actual content, I like to check all of my old posts are still relevant. I ask myself if the post was just trivial or is it still something that can be promoted? Does it still make sense? Are the photos good enough? All of these questions will help you decide whether you want to take a post down or update it and recycle it. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'd love to know how you improve your blog when you're not posting!


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