Tuesday, 25 April 2017

What I Really Take In A Short Haul Carry On

It's no secret that I've travelled somewhere recently. In fact, if you read my blog or follow me any of my social media profiles I'm sure you'll be sick of hearing about it. I went to Dublin. There, I said it for the 37845th time. So even though I've been home almost two weeks, I thought I'd share with you what I take with me when flying short haul.

To kick this off, I'll give you a bit of a back story on the bag itself. A few weeks before we flew, I thought long and hard about my carry on situation along with what bag I was going to be carrying round while I was in said Irish city. I searched what felt like every single online shop and after almost giving up, I found potentially my most practical purchase ever. The Fjallraven Kanken Mini. It's adorable, it's compact and spoiler alert, I love it.

Then came what I was going to put into the bag. Now, I watch 'what's in my carry on?' videos before every trip I take - I'm addicted - but since my last holiday overseas, it seems people are taking so bloody much with them that it almost seems unrealistic. A bit like those 'what's in my bag?' videos where they whip out a £20 note from a forgotten pocket. Who has a £20 stuffed in the bottom of their bag, like really? It's not me, so I thought I'd show you my own and what I really take in my carry on. It's not too little, it's not too much. It may be boring, you might love it. Who knows, but here we go.
As you can see here, I really don't like to pack too much. For me, packing a lot just makes it harder to find what I'm looking for and makes my bag heavier to carry. Two things I'm not a fan of. Hopefully this list will inspire you when you're next packing your carry on or maybe you'll laugh at how little I take with me.

Let's start with the obvious, my card holder and passport. I use a card holder for the simple reason that it's far more convenient than a purse. Usually before I go away I'll pop some local currency in there and just use my cards whilst in the airport. That way then, I don't have to decipher between a pounds, dollars or anything else when reaching my destination. The passport goes without saying right? I need it to get places. 

Moving on to sunglasses. I like to keep these in my hand luggage because there's nothing worse than arriving at a sunny destination only to realise your sunglasses are in your suitcase and probably broken. I also like to keep headphones with me and usually have two pairs. Some comfy over-ear ones like these beautiful Frends ones and also a pair of Apple in-ears. I make sure I keep these in a pouch so they don't get broken or tangled.

Tech wise I obviously packed my camera which you can't see because it's busy taking the photo and I also like to bring it's charger, my iPhone charger and a power bank with me for two reasons. Firstly, like the sunglasses, for easy access and secondly, should my case get lost (which actually happened to me once!) I have all the chargers I need so I can Instagram my frustration with ease.

Moving on to my clear plastic bag. I usually keep this to a minimum but I do like to make sure I'm fully prepared. In no particular order I like to keep; lip balmeye dropshand sanitiserhand creamface wipesa mini facial moisturisera lightera travalo full of the perfume for the trip, an inhaler because it ain't easy being wheezy, paracetamolmouth wash (which I'm sure isn't the right size) and also on this trip I also had a mini shampoo and conditioner. Most of these things I keep in my everyday bag with a few extras in there as in flight essentials - I like to stay clean and take all of my make up off basically. 

The last few items which I haven't mentioned above are my iPhone because I thought this was pretty obvious and documents like insurance policies and my boarding pass

I'd like to think I'm a pretty light packer but then again, you haven't seen my suitcase! 
I'd love to know your carry on and in flight essentials. Let me know in the comments! 




  1. I always have a light carry on! One of my musts that you didn't mention was a book to read. If I'm going on a long flight, time flies when you're reading a good book! I'm just like you! I love watching what people pack for their trips, so I loved reading your post xxx

    Melina | www.ivefoundwaldo.com

    1. I can't cope seeing people lugging around huge bags. Light is the way forward! On long haul flights I do sometimes pack a book but 9/10 times I don't even pick it up haha! That's good to know, I'll do a long haul one ahead of my next trip so stay tuned! X

  2. I actually pack almost the exact same stuff (minus the mouthwash, I just bring a little toothbrush and mini toothpaste). One thing I always take with me is snacks though, especially for the long haul flights- snacks are essential!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. That's such a good idea, packing a toothbrush and toothpaste. Why have I never thought about that? They will definitely be in my bag on my next trip. Snacks are a great idea, I never know what's allowed through security and what's not though - I'm still stuck in the days where you weren't allowed to take any edible food on board unless it was from the airport. I'm gonna look into it for next time! X


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