Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Favourites Playlist - August

After getting my daily dose of beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts I tend to search through peoples blogs - quite literally - for posts that are a little more personal. Maybe I'm just nosey but I love knowing the person behind the writing.

I think I've become more intrigued in recent months because a lot of the bloggers I used to love following, only ever seem to share sponsored posts and while I have no problem with that, it's nice to see some raw and personal content every now and then. I mean, if I wanted to read adverts all day I'd flick through a magazine not a blog. The balance needs to be just right.

So, when I was deciding what to post today, I thought I'd share with you something personal, a few tracks from my current Favourites playlist. Some old, some new. 

This post isn't sponsored but I thought I'd mention that I use Deezer for all of my music and pay for the premium subscription. It's essentially a lot like Apple Music and Spotify, I just find it easier to navigate and since I've used it for years I didn't want to move my favourites/playlists/saved albums to another platform. Lazy I know.


St Patrick - PVRIS
Coming Home - Sigma
Four Walls - Gorgon City
Bullfight & End Of Me - A Day To Remember
Soundcheck - Catfish and The Bottlemen
Overdrive - Fightstar
 All American Nightmare - Hinder
Love For The Night - We Are Harlot
Go - Chemical Brothers

What are you listening to this month? Let me know in the comments.


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